Amazing Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Stud Earrings FCJVCBXOX



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Amazing Baltic AmberSterling SilverStud Earrings

Amber has lots of amazing secrets. One of the most interesting is the picture it presents of life on earth millions of years ago. Amber has special qualities that other gemstones in the world do not have .Amber is fossilized resin that was produced by trees to protect them .The resin was very sticky and trapped insects and pieces of plant as it flowed from the trees. With time the resin hardened into amber preserving the inclusions. Today , millions of years later ,we are very fortunate to be able to view the perfectly preserved insects and plants of Upper Eocene ,40 million years old. Amber takes us back into another world. The Baltic amber forest was sub-tropical and much warmer than the Baltic region is today.Nearly all the animals and plants that lived there are extinct which means they are not living today. Some of those insects appear similar to living species which you may find in your garden, while others are very different and strange. The bright amber pieces are unique as beautiful jewellery and souvenirs , because they can be seen as "time-capsules" taking us back in time. "Amazing Amber" would like to invite you to watch "The Amber Time Machine" Natural World BBC production presented by David Attenborough.

Amazing Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Stud Earrings FCJVCBXOX

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