Alex and Ani Armenian Cross Expandable Charm Bracelet Rafaelian Gold-Tone XLXQXOGLL



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& # X2665; velour & # X2665; Spring/Summer 2017Material: Pack of 100faceted beads, imitation suede, platedPendant: gold-plated papers & # X2665-Colour: anthracite grey, goldSize: S (18cm) with magnetic closureHochochwertige materials (including gemstone, Swarovski, Bohemian glass, precious metals)

For the best friend, mum or just for you...
& # X2665; Velour & # X2665;
Our No Questions Asked bracelet:
Faceted top beads combined with faux suede in trendy colours. This piece of jewellery is a favourite companion for everyday wear-and a wonderful gift.
• Colour: anthracite grey & gold
•; Size: S (18cm)
• Faceted, top quality beads cut glass
• Silver-grey beads which takes advantage of your cut get the light wonderfully mirrors and therefore a huge glitter effect
• With Gold plated elements & Pendants: Leaf
•, with a fine velour-Faux Suede band
•; Gold-plated Magnetic closure
* * * * * * * Other colours & alloys available * * * * * * *
"Whether at casual outfits, or in the office-for suit or trousers suit-this piece of jewellery Krnt any look.
'Limited Edition from the Chiemsee-Atelier Patricia Knig stands for handmade unique jewellery. Under this label have been designing the freelance artist Patricia Royal since 2012beautiful, the striking combination of highest quality materials, of various activities and the finest craftsmanship. "My Jewellery and accessories to fun and the individuality of each individual highlight, which makes even all of our products unique and a result of small series. It's very important to me continue to "Handmade in Germany, or Bavaria" to guarantee. "

Alex and Ani Armenian Cross Expandable Charm Bracelet Rafaelian Gold-Tone XLXQXOGLL

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