Act 925m silver bracelet half round with calabrote motif AB3531 QYWPVPHUR



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Ladies bracelet featuring high-quality materials and made with a great deal of attention to detail.A high quality sterling silver bracelet with the hallmark stamp denoting 92.5% pure silver. Crystals from Swarovski Elements collection. LENGHT: adjustable, 6,2in 6,6in 7,0in 7,4in 7,8in. WEIGHT: 0,28 oz. WIDTH: 0,31 in. With lobster clasp.Gift wrapped, this product is an ideal present for ladies.

Lilly Marie

The brand embodies excellence in high-quality genuine jewellery which is made in Germany - from the design through to the finished product.

Our objective

To realise every woman's dream of enjoying a little bit of luxury.
Every piece of Schiller jewellery is designed with a great deal of attention to detail and is carefully handcrafted.
Our pieces of jewellery are so versatile - for everyday use, for a business look, a date or a celebratory occasion.
We use a variety of different materials, including 925 Sterling silver, gold, leather, diamonds from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS collection,
Gold stone, zirconia, precious stones such as amber, turquoise, onyx and many more.

We are an authorised partner for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS B2B E-Commerce.

About silver jewellery

Silver may react upon contact with perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics.
Please put on jewellery after application and always remove before bathing/showering.
In the course of time silver may become tarnished if it is not worn.
Store in a place which is protected against light and which is airtight to slow down the ageing process.
Different cleaners are available for silver. Please note the instructions for each medium.
Clean and wear your silver jewellery regularly to maintain its lustre.

The actual product may vary slightly from images shown (size, colour and texture).
Please note size specifications.

Act 925m silver bracelet half round with calabrote motif AB3531 QYWPVPHUR

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