Acer Touchpad Extensa 2510 Serie KZDIMZASJ



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TouchpadBlackCondition: 100% Brand New/Direct supply from manufacturer (Original Product)

Original Acer Touchpad-from the official Acer Replacement part partner/distributor
Da Acer its products from various suppliers/manufacturers Includes,, it is possible that the manufacturers and/or the part number of the actual Replacement part from your existing product.
However, it is always ready to provide an original Acer Product Which Stands Out whilst any optical changes/Unterscheidungen technically and high not from your previous product is.
In rare cases, it may happen to give the for quality assurance of our Acer seal broken. It is a new genuine part. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Acer Touchpad Extensa 2510 Serie KZDIMZASJ

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