925m silver bracelet 16cm Law tree of life draft AB6137 MZIZLZWAH



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An exceptional Bracelet: The metamorphosing Bracelet in Gold Coloured Metal, and is adorned with Swarovski Elements is a piece of jewellery for women made to the French and the same manufacturing process as the leading Luxury houses. Its composition is guaranteed free of nickel and lead free metal and thereby reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Without Fasteners, so it goes on.Warm: It is equipped with a material developed by Swarovski Collection and often the fabric can stay in touch with the blend of micro-pierres in faceted crystal on a metal base.Materials: Les Precieuses Swarovski Elements Silver Metal gontie Paris Jewellery is designed with genuine Swarovski Elements Crystals, better quality of cut to shine in the world and is unrivalled

A bracelet is a carefully designed in a quality structure: the silver metal bangle bracelet for women by Metamorphosis, and is adorned with Swarovski Elements collection is specifically built to last. With real Swarovski Elements, this bracelet is unique. The finish on your bracelet is guaranteed free of lead and nickel free, to limit the risk of allergy. Your historical recognized Women was designed with all the know how of our home working in the service of the greatest French couture houses. Your Jewel is precious for all what it means to you. So, to preserve it for as long as possible, we recommend that you avoid his/her to wear to any physical activity, harmful effects, avoid contact with chemicals, hygienic () or household haircare perfumes, creams, sprays and out of them for your toilet and your sleep. We always recommend that you store it away in its antioxidant bag to keep it from the metal oxidizing products contained in the air but above all to protect your crystal from scratches or bumps. A bracelet designed in France, designed and dispatched from our workshop: of French Creation, All of our jewelry is made in our own workshops. This piece gontie Paris is designed to help both of care of all recognised by our workshop. Refined and authentic has a high-quality and robust structure, your bracelet, handmade. Pressed one at a time by hand, the Swarovski Crystal Elements are certified and recognised as the world's most advanced quality. The bracelet of the collection "Metamorphosis" decorated with Swarovski crystals will not go unnoticed. gontie Paris guarantees a quality traditional for your jewelry.

925m silver bracelet 16cm Law tree of life draft AB6137 MZIZLZWAH

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